to families across Afghanistan

“Afghanistan is one of the world’s most complex and devastating humanitarian emergencies.”

-World Health Organization

Our Mission

Steep cuts in international aid for health care have occurred at a time when Afghans are facing severe food insecurity, impoverishment, economic collapse and lack of employment.

Following the 2021 US withdrawal, Wellness Worldwide for Sustainable Communities has continued to provide critical health care in Afghanistan when other organizations have either left or cutback on services.

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As a purely volunteer-based organization, Wellness Worldwide prides itself on ensuring that your donations reach those who need them most. Powered by humanist ideals, we believe every man, woman and child deserves wellbeing — irrespective of gender, religion, political beliefs, ethnicity or race.

Our Projects

Emergency Food Aid

Bibi Rukhshana Family Clinic

Complex Surgical, Medical and Cancer Care

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