Wellness Worldwide is focused on providing both complex and basic medical care as well as nutrition to thousands of impoverished families across Afghanistan.

About Us

Wellness Worldwide for Sustainable Communities is a US non-profit 501c3 organization, founded in 2019, which provides healthcare, educational and social support to vulnerable populations. We have developed a novel approach which uses teams of doctors from the US, Afghanistan, Europe, India and Pakistan to treat severely ill children within their region.

Our founder, Dr. Meena Said, is an endocrine surgeon in Los Angeles whose family fled Afghanistan as refugees when she was just a baby. Meena’s humanitarian work dates back 23 years. In response to the crisis in Afghanistan, she set up a network of volunteer doctors to formulate treatment plans for complex cancer cases and addressed the needs of communities on the ground by establishing a free clinic and delivering food aid.

Find out more about Meena and her work here (BBC interview) and here (Medium profile article).

Our team of volunteers at Wellness Worldwide provides complex medical, surgical and cancer care to critically ill children in Afghanistan; operates a free medical clinic in a refugee camp, and manages food distribution programs in times of crisis.

Our Team

Nargis Ahadi

Lisa Chaiken MD

Sara Choudhry

Leland Foshag MD

Isabel Kilroe

Ximena Kilroe

Sara Manely

Obaidullah Sahil

Meena Said, MD

Isabel Soria

Some of our on-the-ground volunteers

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We are a purely volunteer-based organization with $0 overhead costs, which means 100% of your donations will go to help those who are in desperate need.