Helping children with complex medical needs access treatment

Many sick children throughout Afghanistan are often sent home to die with little to no treatment as there are no care facilities in the country that can treat their complex cases. Unsurprisingly, the majority of Afghan families simply cannot afford to send their children abroad for treatment.

Through partnerships among American, Afghan, Pakistani, and Indian doctors, Wellness Worldwide helps children get the care they need.

An International Collaboration

Our team of expert doctors in the US evaluate complex medical needs and create treatment plans for patients

Wellness Worldwide helps the children travel to India and Pakistan, where treatment is 5-10% of the cost it would be in the U.S.

On-site doctors at regional locations such as Pakistan execute treatment plans

We have a list of patients waiting for care

We have helped children that suffer from aggressive eye cancers, bone cancers, leukemias, congenital heart diseases, and other congenital malformations. With your support, we can continue to provide critical care to Afghan children.